Preschool Testimonials

Little Chief Learning Station Preschool Testimonials


Thank you, to all our families who make Little Chief Learning Station their first preschool choice.

Dear Miss Jeannie and Miss JoAnn,

As my son William’s graduation from “The Chief” is rapidly approaching I am
accepting the fact that he will have to leave his wonderful teachers and class.
This is of course bittersweet! I am writing to you because I wanted to take a
moment to share my thoughts while they are fresh. I think that this has been a
wonderful year for my son. Miss Nancy and Miss Georgie are not just wonderful
and caring people, they are exceptional teachers. They are able work as a team,
utilizing their own personal strengths and teaching styles. They have worked
tirelessly with Will on writing his name, letter recognition, and counting and
this is all wonderful. However I think what is more important is that they have
instilled in him a real love of learning. Throughout the year Will has come out
with information and ideas that I unfortunately cannot take credit for. We’ve
discussed Martin Luther King, George Washington and The Pledge of Allegiance.
The way his teachers have brought science and social studies to the class in an
age appropriate way is amazing. In addition both Miss Nancy and Miss Georgie
are approachable and easy going which creates a nurturing and supportive
environment for parents and all types of children.

I remember speaking to Jeannie on the telephone when Will was transferring into
The Little Chief as a three year old and telling her that I wanted a
developmentally appropriate preschool that wasn’t “overly academic.” I am happy
to say that I was incorrect! I wanted a school that was developmentally and
academically appropriate. You have a wonderful school and you should be very

Last week Will and his younger sister were art the kitchen table drawing with
crayons. I heard Will telling her that her picture (a crazy cluster of colorful
circles) was an abstract…priceless:)

Have a wonderful summer!


Heather Dodds